Birthday gifts

  1. A camera (!) and a camera case.

Majas kamera 027

Majas kamera 001

It’s the Sony RX-100

  2. Books

Majas kamera 025

3. Makeup

Majas kamera 032

Majas kamera 040

Majas kamera 036

Satin Lipstick in the colour ”FAUX” // Extended play lash mascara //Penultimate eye liner.  Everything from MAC.

4. Jewelry

Majas kamera 045

Majas kamera 055

 Earrings from Marc Jacobs // Rings from H&M.

 5. Giftcards and money

Majas kamera 029

Majas kamera 062

 Giftcard on ”Beyond retro” //Dinner with my friend Paula // Watch ”Finding Dory” on the cinema with                          Rut// Giftcard at the cinema e.t.c.

 So, that was all. Hope you enjoyed cause I love seeing what other people got for their birthday. I’m sooo                          happy with everything I got and I had a really good birthday. And guys, I got a camera! Like what?! You                          can definetly expect better photos in the future. Now I’ve got to go to bed. Night!

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